Anek is an Italian alternative-rock band formed in 2004 in Lecce, Italy.
The band is composed of guitarist and lead vocalist Pete Sandon, guitarist Dave Tufano and drummer Loris De Carlo.
They went through several lineup changes beetween 2009 and 2010 achieving the current lineup.

On November 17, 2009 Anek released their first single "Bella". YouTube claimed Anek as "n.1 Rock Artist in Italy" for that day.

The band was originally formed in the earlys 2000s by brothers Pete and Jan Sandon and their friend Dario Scordari with the name "A Thousand Summers" which was first changed to "Kharma" and later to "Anek". Guitarist Dave Tufano joined the band in 2006 and Loris De Carlo in 2009, when Dario and Jan left the band for family reasons. The name Anek take inspiration from the Egyptian cross, the Ankh which is an ancient hieroglyphic symbol that was most commonly used in writing and in Egyptian art to represent the word for "life".

Band Members
Pete Sandon (vocal/guitar) - born in Santiago de Chile, October 16, 1980
Pete is the main songwriter of all Anek songs. He plays guitar and piano and is also a certified Crossfit instructor.

Dave Tufano (guitar) - born in Italy 1990;
Dave is a guitar teacher; currently performing on stage with several artists.

Loris De Carlo (drums) - born April 1990, in Italy.
Loris is a multi instruments player, arranger and producer; he is currently running his solo project with the name Lorjs.

Pete Sandon (vox/guitar)
Davide Tufano (guitar)
Loris De Carlo (drums)

Past/Live Members:
Dario "Rock-D" Scordari (drums) 2001-2009

Jan Sandon (bass) 2001-2009

Giampiero Caliandro (bass) 2012
RafQu (guitar) 2012

Angelo Contaldo (vox) 2012